Yes, I am NFT Artist

I am selling some limited editions artworks on NFT platforms. NFT is Non Fungible Token, that means you can have a piece with a digital contract linked to each edition, so you can have a digital authentic artwork by me. To buy in the platforms you must have an ETH or Tezos wallet.


Collectors Hall

Here is Dourado Artwork Main collectors. They are My first collectors and I am so grateful to them for believe and invest in my work. You can check them Twitter account below and check the amazing support they give to NFT COMMUNITY.


...and many Other Collectors

A HUGE Thank you for all of you that believe in my work and support. like: Fesq, VΞRTIGO, CarlCG, Uzzi, Clintxvx, and many other collectors.


Wanna see Everything?

I am in Showtime platform, with all my pieces in one place, FND, HEN and OpenSea. You can check all of my pieces and access each piece with more details. Check it out!