Luis Dourado
Concept Art, Mograph
Mila no Multiverso (Disney+)

Opening Title


I worked on this Opening Title as Art Director, LookDev, Concept art and Motion Graphics Animations.

Used Blender, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for compositing.

The Typography have a tiny details of Refraction of the Opening Title Elements.

You can check the full Opening Title here, and the Concept frames Below.

I started with the light blowing a Universe with infinity stars and Nebula. And the Dodecaedro Device appears like a Crystal in the center.

The Camera enter in the Device, revealing a Kaleidoscopic with Mirrored Multiverse

I keep Camera moviment, travelling inside and pass though the mirrored faces, revealing some elements of the series

Travelling once more, we can see the faces like a fractal folding and showing vivid colors of Titlr color pallete

The Title starts to appear by many of mirrored faces

Finally showing the title with an animation with neons and particles of energy.